The Songbird of a Generation

He was texting
his ex
while we were
hanging out.

Eventually he put
his phone
flat on the table
and took a
deep breath
to settle himself.

“Would you
read this shit?”
He slid the phone
across the table.

She wrote
that she was
getting ready to
leave for New York,
and so he should
really tell her
anything he
had to tell her
(such as
that he
still loved her)
before she left,
because her life
was going to get
really complicated
once she
and her music
got discovered.

Like it tends to do.

I said it was
really nice of her
to look out for his feelings
and make sure he
didn’t get lost in the fray
once the fame ball
got rolling.

He told me
to go fuck myself.

Which was fair.

-GD Butler

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