Too Honest to Exist #3

“I pretty much live
behind a wall
of sarcasm.”

“So what’s your deal?
Are you a sociopath?
Do you just not
feel anything?”

“You wanna know
what really makes
me tick?
All I ever wanted to be
when I was a kid
was a momma’s boy.
Her substance abuse
made her work
extra hard
when she was around
to make it up to me,
and I ate it up.

“Then one day
her problems
got bad enough
that she stopped trying,
and it was
the first great betrayal
I ever experienced.
So I took what I learned
about the psychology
of women from my mom,
and I set out
to destroy
as many of her gender
as I could.
And I was good at it.”


“Looking back,
she probably did me…
kind of a favor?
I mean, she forced me
to grow up,
realize I was on my own,
and get crazy strong mentally…
even if I was cruel about it.

“My achievements
are probably worth
my fetish for crying women.
As uncharacteristically Freudian
as this is.”


And hey.
It only took me
until my mid-30s
to admit this stuff
to myself.
I was so angry
over that betrayal,
I tried to
rewrite history
like I’d never loved her.”

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