Too Honest to Exist #2

“I feel like I’ve aged
20 years
in a month.”

“You look tired.
You clearly look like
you’re not having fun,
so it doesn’t make sense
to stay at the party.”

“I’m not having fun.
I took my pill.
I finally feel like
I could sleep,
and I’m not at my house.”

“In as much
as we both love
talking good TV and
Breaking Bad,
I’m going to feel
fucking terrible
if Heisenberg’s drug
kills you.”

“At least I still know
my limits.
Two days is my max.
I’m too vain
to let this
go too far.”

“I’d never tell you this,
but in some weird way,
you’re kind of like
a second chance
at helping my mom,
even if it doesn’t always
occur to me in the moment.
So just…
pull out of it,
like she isn’t going to.
I love you, okay?”

“I love you,
you’re awful.”

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