Rolls Downhill

A lot of abuse victims
build up enough rage
until they finally
want to dish it out.

it’s little stuff,
like insulting you
and looking at you
like you’re an asshole
for folding clothes wrong.

Other times
it’s holes
punched in the wall.
Sometimes right next
to your head.

Other times
it’s not the wall.

I look at this crop
of social bullies
who are coming up
is just the best term)
as abused individuals
lashing out
and being praised
for their abuse
by other abusers,
creating a type of
group strength
from weakness.

“You thought you were
enjoying your life?

“What a privilege.

“Now let me
explain to you
how your happiness
makes me feel,
and what
the happiness
of people like you
has done
to people like me
throughout history.”

…am I gonna need
to get a chair?
That sounds ambitious.

-GD Butler

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