One for the Plebs

This latest lesson
is probably that
I’m a small-doses person
for absolutely everyone.

Be it parent, sibling,
spouse or friend,
everyone seems to agree
at some point
that maybe I’d be better off
dying alone.

I can’t say I disagree.
It’s not easy
to have a ball of manic ideas
and extreme opinions
roll up on your doorstep
every day,
let alone wake up
next to it.

I used to feel
alienated and alone
because of that,
but now I’m
getting to where
I’m glad.

If I can just
keep everyone
at arm’s length
and not let them
make up their
myopic reasons
why I’m actually nothing,
I might be remembered
as really something.

I’m really something…
but they can
judge anything
into mediocrity.

Alone and singular
are the same thing.
The only difference
is whether you think
they’re right,
or you are.

-GD Butler

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