The Impostor and the Other

Let’s just say
for argument’s sake
it’s your neighborhood,
and you’re walking around
in a spring dress
or a T shirt
and jeans,
looking normal…

And someone says something
that glazes your eyes over,
takes you to some
dark place
you never talk about,
and you feel
whatever the fuck this is
rising up inside you…

Now it’s dark and
you’re drowning in liquor and
you just fought with a blur and
you don’t care you’ll die alone and
hopefully someone rolls through
with drugs
to even you out and
now you’re making out
with someone who
will probably be dead
in six months and
running to the bathroom
to be sick and
crying it all out and

Tomorrow you can
put on the uniform
of a normal person
and look like
everyone else.

Dead inside
and imitating the actions
of normal people
you’ve met,
but making it look good
while the thing inside

-GD Butler

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