Baring My Soul, or Whatever

When I was younger,
it was the height of drama
to “rip off my flesh”
and expose my soul
to the reader.

Now that I’m older,
I’ve come to view that
as the pretense
of a young writer
who had some drama,
but who also reveled
in that fact.

Now life has torn
whole patches of flesh
off this dumb body,
so I occasionally
hold up a limb
and take pictures.

I don’t have
the time
or the energy
to dramatize
this crap.

And I’m certainly
not as smart
as I thought I was,
or else I’d
throw in a metaphor
rather than babbling
like this.

The younger version of me
would spit in my face…
but that kid
needed his ass kicked

A Ferrari engine
in a Pinto personality.

There’s your metaphor,

-GD Butler

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