The Brother Zone

It was just another ploy,
but he thought somehow
it made him better
than the other guys.

Where they would
take charge
and bully the girl
into a date,
he would be a
and try to
perfect attendance award
his way into their pants.

Same goal,
different paths.

And when he would
look up in six months
after being her “friend”
through 15 bad breakups,
the passive aggressive
comments would start.

But by then,
he was so far
in the friend zone
he was in the
brother zone,
and she could just
never think of him
like a man.
Because he’d never
tried being one.

But if he left,
who would guide her through
all these bad decisions?

And if he left,
all this work
pretending to care
about her
bi-weekly broken hearts
would be for nothing.
Never would the tears
finally lead
to what he wanted
all along.

Nothing like meeting
her “best friend”
on the third date.

He’s like a brother to her,
you know.

-GD Butler

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