Cygnus X-1

I watch her leap
into the
hollow man’s arms,
his unblinking eyes
staring darkness
in every direction.

“I really believe
I can fill him
this time,”
she said
a moment before,
a tear streaking
her cheek.

He walked in,
and the room
dropped thirty degrees.

“You know that’s a lie,”
I said,
watching the words
steam away.

“It is,”
she said,
wiping her cheek
and composing herself.
“But just a tiny lie.”

“We may not be here
when you get back,”
I said.

“I know.”
She turned to him,
but looked at the floor.
“That’s a chance
I have to take.”

She looked up,
and the abyss
stared back.

-GD Butler

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