Haute Femme

I feel dramatic
writing this,
but I was sitting
with my wife
in the hospital
after she’d
nearly died.

But that’s
a private matter.

And so I was
holding her hand
while she slept,
and a commercial
came on for…
I don’t remember.

The young model
in the ad
looked so
into the camera,
her hip
cocked to the side
with attitude.

I have very rarely
hated someone
as much
as I hated this girl.

Born with the
right genes
during the right era,
she hits the gym
a few times
and feels like
she accomplished

While my wife,
a brilliant woman
who makes me laugh
harder than any comedian,
recovers from
near death?

In that moment,
she embodied
everything that
is wrong with us
as a species.

We were both empty.
Well…I was drained.
She was never anything.

-GD Butler

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