Confidently Into the Thresher

We were at a
dance convention.

“I’ve done stripping,
I was close to doing porn,”
she said,
a dead confidence
in her eyes.
She wanted to be
the badass,
while her friend
clenched her teeth
and fidgeted.

Oh, so you almost
got ground up
and spit out
by an industry
that wouldn’t have
even blinked
at your arrival
or departure?


Or maybe I was supposed to
be all Midwestern,
and pick my jaw
off the floor?

Oh gosh
golly gee?

There are machines
built around
making girls like you
into neat,
identical patties,
and filming the process.

They used to say
cameras stole your soul.
In that instance,
they may be right.

-GD Butler

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