Sitting in the new house
and looking at them,
this woman I’ve spent
almost half my life with,
and this dog we rescued
from a kill shelter
last week,
I remember what it felt like
to believe I’d never feel this.

Maybe I’ve had to work harder
than most to get here,
but I know all too well
how cold it is out there,
so I know I could never
take it for granted.

And we’ll grow older,
and hopefully laugh
at these dumb bodies
we were thrown in
starting to diminish,
and then it’ll be time
to get another dog
to protect me,
my wife, and my dog.

Or guns.
Or whatever it takes
to hang on to this
as long as possible.

Because I also remember
what it felt like
to be young,
have nothing,
and want to destroy
situations like this.

-GD Butler

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