Thank god
you stopped needing
people to help you
feel good about yourself,
because for whatever reason
your friends would rather
barrel through
everything you love
than go out of their way
to compliment you.

They would rather have their
jawbone dragged through
a forest
by a coyote
than call you
or show up
when you were
supposed to hang out.

It was a bad time
when you deleted their numbers
from your phone
and didn’t get a call for a month.

You could barely hide your fury
while making up a story
about losing your phone
and reobtaining their numbers.

Thank god
you don’t need that
nonsense anymore.

It’s so much easier
to laugh at yourself
when your friends
point out your every flaw,
but without laughter,
this could get dark…

Thank god you’re alone now.
Thank god.

It was so easy
to make bad friends
when you were younger…
everyone had that
blue-collar child’s
busting balls sense of humor
that you laughed off
while choking back
rage that wouldn’t make sense
in court…

But you’re lucky to be alone.
You’ll start feeling it anytime now.

-GD Butler

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