Angel in Neon

The song you
sang to her
when things were
innocent and free
turns your stomach
when it comes on the radio.

Oldies stations are the worst.

How many years
has this dragged on
for no particular reason
other than fear
of the unknown?

She was was an unknown
if you’d known
one day
bartenders would be
waking her up
as she drooled
on the bar
so they could close…
if you’d known
just how truly
she was going to get,
and how you
were going to be there
to kiss her life
and make everything better…

After this many years,
all you could attract
are other
terminal cases

You finally understand
Just to feel the touch
of someone
if they weren’t quite
full of life,
at least wasn’t
actively dying…
that might make you cry.

Back to pretending
to enjoy your friend’s company
while she laughs
a little too loud
at the bartender’s jokes.

The angel you chased
became the devil you know.

-GD Butler

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