It was the best therapy
he’d ever gotten.

As he straddled
his stunned opponent
and began firing
a piston-like flurry
of fists
into his reddening face,
he realized
he probably wasn’t going to get
where he wanted professionally,
but that was okay
because his friends
and girl loved him.
He only made money
to do stuff with them.

He saw that the ex
who haunted him
was sick,
not some evil mastermind
who loved torturing him.
And even if she did,
she was consuming
most of her own venom.

He saw his sister
as a dreamer
with different ideals than his.
She needed an identity, too.

As the guy fell unconscious,
he realized his parents
did love him,
they just didn’t know
how to show it,
and had no idea
how to be parents.
They were guessing all along,
just like he was now as an adult.

Watching the violent arc
of three teeth
he kicked out,
he thought it was a shame
he’d be in jail
with this enlightenment.

He lit a cigarette
as his victim began to convulse.
Best he’d felt in 10 years.

-GD Butler

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