Party Lines

His voice grates out the radio lately,
like glass shards in my ears.
I’ve been listening to him for so long,
but it hasn’t been fun
for three years.

Why they voted for that guy
I’ll never know.
He didn’t have any of the answers.
Our guy did.
He just never had the chance
to prove it.

We’ve got a chance to
get things right
this time.
I’ve been telling everyone I know
to get out and vote.

For the RIGHT guy,
this time.

I have a lot of reasons why
I want my guy to win,
but under it all,
I secretly just wish
my daily entertainment
didn’t give me an anxiety attack.
I want it to be fun again.

There’s something about
their guy being in office
that has him convinced
this country is going to hell.
I have a family.
I just want to support them.
It can’t go to hell just yet.

Yeah, my guy may do the same things
their guy is doing right now,
but at least my radio host
will have a nicer tone
when he’s explaining the reason for it.

-GD Butler

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