ever planned
to get crippled.

They were
bright students
with friends
and futures,

Life happens
for us
or to us
whether we
want it
or not.

I hear
capitalist cult leaders
on the radio
shaming people
for being 30,
wearing a name tag
at work,
and not making
six figures a year.

Those words are like
vicious honey
to the ears
of people who
worked hard
and had
a little luck.

They don’t want
undeserving people
taking away
what they’ve earned.

If you’re one of
those people,
don’t worry.
Your hold
on those riches
is so precarious,
life will do it
for them.

You’re just saving up
to afford
your first
major illness.

Or to bury yourself
without burden
to those you love.

-GD Butler

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