This Crazy Love

A new morning,
a new person.
Hope we like each other
again today.

Like the waxing and waning
of the moon,
we are never quite the same
from day to day,
growing into the
best version of ourselves,
and sometimes
shrinking into nothing,
all while trying
to make life work
with each other.

Now that we’ve got it
figured out,
it’s the most fun
you could imagine,
having two people
so far off the
beaten path
in the same household.
Maybe there will be a
pillow fight
at three in the morning,
or maybe she’ll
lie face-down in the tub
and yell for help
until you come get her…
it’s not quite right,
which makes it perfect.

-GD Butler

3 thoughts on “This Crazy Love”

  1. When it’s “not quite right” is the only time it’s real.

    Love the glimpse behind the curtain, thank you.

  2. “A new morning,
    a new person.
    Hope we like each other
    again today.”

    Absolutely love the whole poem, but this part gets me.

    1. Yeah, it really is just a matter of starting over every day. Sometimes that sucks, and sometimes it’s a relief. There’s nothing wrong with being a little off. You just have to find someone who works with your off-ness or who is off in the same way.

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