Unanswered Prayers 5

Years later,
the whole thing
is hilariously small.

I think the only reason
it stands out in my mind
is because it was
the first time
I went out on a limb
after the divorce.

I just needed something
at that point
in my life.

Not her, though.
Nobody needs that.

The epilogue is
that I’m back together
with my ex-wife,
we’ve been re-married
for three years
(to a cultishly
happy degree
that still shocks me
when I think about
how strange life is),
and the girl with
the wooden box
lives in a box
for stealing
to support
her habit.

The first half
of that ending
is surprising.

-GD Butler

2 thoughts on “Unanswered Prayers 5”

    1. It’s funny that you ask that. I didn’t, but I was having trouble transitioning between each part of the story because there was such a “punch” at the end of each one. Then I decided that since I had five parts to the story, that I’d incorporate a bit of the DABDA cycle of grieving (with some blurring of the lines), and…I like how it turned out.

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