The Ohio Night

The moon tiptoes behind the ravine of trees
I travel between, unraveling me
in haphazard rhythms.

A river of light
above the dead stare of night.

A sliver of hope
in an abyss of rope
that ties itself into little nooses of memory.

-GD Butler

2 thoughts on “The Ohio Night”

  1. I like this, it speaks to me. The title caught my eye as I’m from near Dayton many years ago and recently “divorced” my family – there just wasn’t enough of me left for them to use.
    Thanks for sharing your talents!

  2. I’ve always felt a certain bleakness and desperation about that entire state, no matter how hard the people portray themselves. They’re never going to be able to work hard enough to get back what they’ve had stolen. I really appreciate your liking the poem and saying so. Have a great day.

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